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HACCP Compliance.

We take the pain out of complying with kitchen Health & Safety standards. For as little as €30 per month

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App Features

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KitchTech is exactly what I need for the business. Inspections are a constant worry for me as an owner. Not that we are incompliant, but that the recording of that compliance is loose with paper. Firstly staff can skip days and fill in forms retrospectively, but more paper-based records can go missing and get damaged. I wanted an affordable tech solution to recording my complacency, KitchTech is that solution!

Julian Mak

Record keeping is often left until last when working a busy kitchen. I couldn’t accept that when coming to food safety and HACCP compliance. I needed something on my iPhone that would allow me to quickly but correctly record and store my food deliveries, fridge temperatures and all of the other HACCP forms. Every chef KP or owner should have this app.

Little Frieda

We put a lot of effort into being compliant, to ensuring our customers get the best quality, healthiest food and drinks possible. This app allows me to be confident in that mission because it systemizes the compliance process for me.

Urban Health

The most affordable food services compliance app on the market!

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