KitchTech Features

We provide a world-class online application that Streamlines Food Safety & HACCP Compliance in Commercial kitchens.
Eliminate Paperwork!
Are you still using a paper based HACCP system? At KitchTech, our goal is to eliminate paper from commercial kitchens and make it simply to comply with HACCP and food safety legislation.
  • All HACCP Forms at your fingertips
  • Cleaning Checklists
  • Custom Form Builder
  • No more printer issues
  • No more lost forms
Remote Visibility & Multi Venue
Multiple venues with one solution. Our multi venue platform allows you to manage hundreds of sites from one easy to use dashboard.
  • Rank venues from most compliant to least compliant
  • Spot trends and identify instances of non-compliance
  • Group access ensures managers see only the venues they are responsible for
  • Deploy new forms instantly across all sites
Remote Visibility
Eliminate paperwork in your kitchen and make it simple to comply with food safety legislation.
Automate Manual Tasks
Our award-winning sensor technology monitors refrigeration temperatures so you don’t have to. In a large kitchen, proper temperature recording can take up to an hour each day. Automating this task allows kitchen staff to spend more time focusing on their passion; creating great meals!
  • Award winning technology
  • Real time temperature monitoring
  • Alerts when temperatures go outside of recommended range
  • Save time on manual record keeping
  • Reduces the risk of spoiled stock
Notifications and Emails to prompt users to complete and approve forms. Critical limits and warnings will help educate staff on appropriate food parameters to ensuring consistently high results.
  • Email and in system notifications
  • Critical Alerts

  • Task Scheduler

  • Never miss a from or task again

  • Guide users through their day

Reporting & Management
Stay on top of your most critical tasks to ensure you are staying compliant. KitchTech securely stores your HACCP records for over five years while providing intuitive search, filter and export functionality.
  • Reports on demand
  • Form filtering options

  • Critical Alerts

  • Checklist Reporting

  • Print / Email capabilities


Hygiene Management
Create simple to use staff cleaning checklist to guide staff through their hygiene management each day.
  • Custom Checklists
  • Covid-19 Cleaning Forms
  • Checklist Scheduler

  • Checklist Reporting

  • Checklist Grading System

Brand Protection
Did you know that over 1000 kitchens are closed each year by Health Inspectors in Ireland and the UK. The Food Safety Authority publishes these closures monthly on their website and in print publications.
  • Major focus is on record keeping
  • Real time safety insights
  • Hazard Control Visibility

  • Keep food handlers accountable

  • Take Corrective action in time

Remote Access
Remote access to KitchTech from anywhere, at anytime! We strive to give owners peace of mind when off site with complete visibility of their HACCP compliance.
  • Access anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Owners and managers can check in remotely
  • Notifications of non-compliance
  • Peace of mind
Eliminate paperwork in your kitchen and make it simple to comply with food safety legislation.